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Paperless Publishing
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 18:20

Objective Entertainment is the latest literary agency to launch an e-Publishing initiative, forming a separate company, Paperless Publishing, to issue e-Book originals. The company was founded by Objective’s Jarred Weisfeld, and Meghan Kilduff has moved over from Objective to serve as Publisher and Acquisitions Manager. Paperless Publishing is focused on short-form content only, and Weisfeld underscores that they do not intend to compete with the established major publishers. The new company is looking to acquire short-form works on pop culture, poetry, romance, politics, general nonfiction, and graphic novels. They aim to publish “100 books next year,” and Weisfeld says they “have already published approximately 10 titles, the majority of them graphic novels. In addition to publishing short-form works electronically, Paperless Publishing seeks to obtain the first chance to market and sell film rights, which Weisfeld says draws on a traditional strength of the agency. The new company will also provide stand-alone conversion services on a fee basis.