Paperless Publications has Evoked a Big Change in Scientific Research Scenarios

Gone are the days when researchers after investing loads of their time in the laboratory would come up with their research results and would submit them with a journal. The journal editor would then send it to their peers for review and depending on their decision the editor would accept or decline it for publication, with no question that copyright remained with the publisher and any other researcher seeking an insight into the research work would have to subscribe the journal.

The funding agencies are now questioning why these commercial publishers are making money with government funded research and to shun such practices, paperless publications is a viable option that these agencies are opting for.

According to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) about 75% of scholarly journals are now online with Paperless publication. This service has contributed in a great way to teams of researchers as primary data is available online and reported findings are more readily replicable and checkable by researchers moreover it also offers the opportunity for others to comment on the research. Thus with its wide distribution and ready access paperless publication has been a boon to value of knowledge

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